The most important export world regions and countries

What are the most important international trade and export countries in the world? Why is export trading the most important tool to expand your business? The end of the twentieth century has brought increased integration of the economies of the world, creating untold opportunities for companies to develop worldwide markets. Once the province only of the very large organization, companies of all sizes are now actively engaged in international marketing. The benefits of international marketing are many: Exports mean additional customers. This means increased sales, which translate to higher profits. Exporting gives geographic diversity. When there is a decline in the domestic economy, your export markets can still enable you to maintain or grow your sales. Exporting often extends the life cycle of a product which may be maturing in your domestic market. Marketing growth abroad often exceeds that at home. Export business often balances domestic factory loads…
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EU Commission publishes analysis of trade and sustainable development policies around the world

Commission publishes analysis of trade and sustainable development policies around the world The European Commission published a new study on global approaches to trade and sustainable development (TSD) as part of its work to strengthen environmental and sustainability aspects of EU trade policy. The independent study, carried out by the London School of Economics, covers the EU, Australia, Canada, Chile, Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland and the US. It reveals that TSD implementation and enforcement vary significantly, for example when it comes to dispute settlement and the use of trade remedies in case of breaches of TSD provisions. Despite such differences, cooperation remains the watchword for TSD implementation, even for countries that rely on trade sanctions for TSD enforcement. More
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What is the difference between a Sales Rep, a Sales Agent and a Manufacturers Rep?

The difference between a sales rep and a sales agent, is that a sales rep works directly for your company. A sales agent is usually self-employed and works as an independent contractor. A sales agent may have multiple, even competitive, clients that they represent. Sales Rep: Since the sales rep works directly for your company, you have complete control over what he/she is doing for you. You can control for instance that the sales agent is not selling competitive products and does not offer your products or services to your clients on a selective basis, which is typically the product/supplier that offers the best price just to secure the order. The sales rep works 100% of his time for you and should only promote your products. You have the possibility to provide your sales rep with the best training. The effectiveness of a sales rep in selling your goods should therefore be very high. The sales rep is usually paid a base salary and a commission or incentive based on how muc…
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Manufacturers Associations

Manufacturers Associations Manufacturers Associations Adhesive and Sealant Council Advanced Medical Technology Association Aerospace Industries Association Affiliation of Rotational Moulding Organizations Air Conditioning Heating and Refrigeration Institute Air Movement and Control Association International Inc. International Alabama Automotive Manufacturers Association Alliance for American Manufacturing Aluminum Anodizers Council Aluminum Association Aluminum Association of Florida Inc. Aluminum Extruders Council American Architectural Manufacturers Association American Association of Textile Chemists and Col…
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