Company Type:
Manufacturing Service:
OEM , CM Contract Manufacturer
Manufacturing Capabilities:
Metal Fabrication, Grinding, Laser Cutting, Welding,
Surface Treatment Options:
Black Oxide, Electroplating, Brushing, Polishing, Powder Coating, Galvanized
Custom Machined Parts Capabilities:
Front Panels, Gaskets, Golf Putters, Heat sinks, Jewelry, Knobs, Machinery, Metal Brackets,
Working to Specification:
Products can be produced as per customer’s drawings
Working to Tolerances:
Working Tolerances avainlable from +/-0.005mm, high accuracy
Drawing Software:
Design & Programming Capability:
MasterCam Surface Machining, Off-Site Programming, Solidworks, Thermo Forming Tooling Design
Available Machinery & Equipment:
Milling Machines 3 off, Lathes 12 off, Wire-Cuts 2 off, Laser Cuts 1 off, CNC Shearing Machines 4 off,
Detailed Information

World Cooling Towers is a leading cooling tower in India. We manufacture and supply energy efficient FRP cooling tower at a reasonable price. We provide different type of cooling tower at a reasonable price. Some of the common cooling tower manufactured by us are square cooling tower”””

Export Capabilities:
We Own an Export Permit, We Own an Import Permit, We are searching for international agents
We are looking for:
Buyers/Purchasing Agents, OEM & ODM Manufacturing Work, CT Contract Manufacturing Work, Distributors, Manufacturers' Reps

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