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Artin here, Chief Research Officer from Purchasing & Procurement Center. Within 4 minutes, you’ll discover the “Better Price & Value” offers that you can get from suppliers. Read until the end because that’s where I put into practice the ‘Better Price & Value’ principle. Most procurement executives know how to ask for a lower price – give me a discount. Everybody knows how to say “Give me a better price”. Ideally, we want to get both – a better price and better/higher value. For example, if a supplier gives some discount rather than beating down the same path of more discount (which you still can do) it might be better to ask for … Longer Payment Terms (60/90/120 days) Free Inclusive Training from the Supplier Paying by Installments/Monthly or the opposite, paying in lump sum for a discount Free/Expanded Warranty Free/Inclusive Delivery Overall, this adds the value you get and lowers your TCO. While at times there’s a cost to suppliers providing ‘Freebies’, there is one category/commodity where Better Price & Value is very, very possible – SERVICES. Whenever buying services look for better price and value as suppliers can easily include discounts to their ‘on the cloud/SaaS’ apps/software as the app is on the cloud and the costs for additional users are minimal. They can provide that online training for the software for free or at another discount and provide longer payment terms or split the total price in monthly payments. The key is to have a mindset of … Get not just a Lower Price, but a Better/Higher Value as well by going and asking for things beyond price. Not sure what else to ask apart from lower price/discount? Then, ask the supplier what else can he ‘value-add’ apart from a discount. Let them do the job for you – ask those 3 or 5 suppliers that you’ve invited for a bidding or RFQ and soon you’ll know what ‘value-add’ you need to ask from all of them. Trust this helps to get better prices and value from your suppliers. Take Care Artin Vaqari Chief Research Officer (CRO) Purchasing & Procurement Center P.S. My job as CRO at Purchasing & Procurement is to provide value … Value to you with to the point advice that you can use right-away, Value to my organisation by getting you to become our client. To help you in becoming our client, here is our Special Independence Day Half Price Offer for our Superior Online Procurement Certifications: 1. Certified International Procurement Professional (CIPP) – now at $1,497.5 instead of 2995. 2. Certified International Advanced Procurement Professional (CIAPP) – now at $1,997.5 instead of 3995 Go Here for Full Details & How to Take Advantage of the Half Price Offer. PPS If you don’t want any more emails about this special offer, click here to stop them. You will still receive other emails from us. However, if you’d rather not receive our emails, please unsubscribe below.

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