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For companies that want to be on the bidders list and receive RFQ’s / inquiries: If you would like to register to be in our free tender search, free tender listings’ directory of manufacturers, contractors, suppliers, please complete the required bidders listing. Registration is free and will make your company’s information available to worldwide buyers, engineering contractors and suppliers looking for product and services. With your username and password, you can keep your profile updated as your information and skill-sets change. It is important that you complete your bidders list profile as detailed and complete as possible to maximize your chances for RFQ’s (Requests For Quotation), direct inquiries, leads and orders. You can list the products that you make, e.g. “Carton Boxes”, machinery that you manufacture, e.g. “Carton Producing Machinery”, the services that you provide, e.g. “Carton Machinery Design and Engineering”, or the products that you sell, e.g. “Carton Boxes International Sales”, etc. Note: Only complete bidder list profiles can be set to “Verified and Approved Vendors and be a part of the RFQ Inquiry System”.

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